How technical is that? It’s just a trailer right?

I just recently began my work in the trailer/hauler industry, and one consistent thing people ask when I talk about what I do is, “Jon, how technical is that? It’s just a trailer right?” It’s something I would have asked a few months ago too, but it is so much more than that. I have come to know that while there are some trailers that look the same on the outside, what’s on the inside and underneath can be a whole different story. In fact, it has come to blow my mind in the amount of options, upgrades, and customization that can be added to our trailers.

To find out what you want in a trailer just ask yourself, “What do I want to put in this trailer?” Already, in my short time, I have seen so many different variations. The basic work trailers, to concession type trailers, even clothing vendor trailers. There was even one trailer that was used as a simple lawn shed, but with wheels!

Indeed, the most important question you can ask yourself is, “What am I putting in this trailer?” Simultaneously, it is also one of the most important pieces of information that you can communicate to your dealer. Once this information has been supplied, the pieces begin to fall into place and it can be used to construct a fine trailer worthy of your needs!


It’s been a few years ago now and as fast as time travels maybe even a couple of decades, but do you remember when one of the major auto manufacturers used this effective slogan; “the closer you look, the better we look”? I think you’ll agree, that slogan said a mouthful in just 8 words!

At American Hauler we challenge our potential customers to do something similar; to “Look Under, Look Around and Look Up!” For this blog I would like to discuss a portion of “LOOK UNDER.”


As with any vehicle running down the highway at potential speeds of 65mph and greater you do not want to compromise your safety, the safety of others and property by using inadequate running gear (axles/brakes).

With the above in mind; American Hauler has taken the high road and spent the extra dollars to address this vital component of the trailer manufacturing process and chooses to use Dexter Axles verses an S.O.B. (Some Other Brand).

Why Dexter Axle?

  • Dexter has earned a great reputation here in Elkhart County, Indiana. Elkhart, you know the county that ships 10’s of thousands of trailers on wheels each month all across the country and in some cases around the world? A great reputation of product performance, parts and service along with a 2 year warranty vs. the competitor’s 1 year warranty!
  • My personal experience with what I consider to be the better axle choice is first hand; prior to becoming a manufacturer representative in the cargo trailer industry, I spent 27 years with recreational vehicles. A portion of that time I served as a Product Mgr for a travel trailer line who is part of a 4 billion dollar a year company. As a product manager I attended weekly meetings pouring over parts and warranty data. What came to our attention during these meetings was that the “Some Other Brand” axles represented the highest warranty dollar amount paid. We then started to compare with other divisions within the company and discovered they too were experiencing a high number of axle and brake failures. Brakes that were just falling apart in the hubs! Our plan of action, like American Hauler’s, was to take the high road and spend the extra dollars for the best axle/brake (running gear) for the money!

It is possible that the average cargo trailer buyer may never think to question what he/she is getting for their money in this vital area UNTIL he/she is parked alongside the highway with their trailer tilted to the side, as we have all seen numerous times, with a brake or axle failure!

I challenge you to LOOK UNDER and take the high road and spend a few extra dollars for SAFETY’S SAKE!

Choosing the Correct Enclosed Trailer to haul your Side by Side UTV

UTV’s or Side by Side all-terrain vehicles are becoming a popular option for enjoying outdoor actives. When choosing an enclosed trailer to haul your rides, one of the most important things you need to know is the dimensions of your side by side UTV.  You need to check the overall height of your machine to make sure the rear door opening is tall enough.  Most of the UTV ‘S need a rear ramp door opening of 78“ for the side by side to go through the rear door.  If you have a track kit or a light bar on the top you will need some additional height on the trailer to increase the rear ramp door opening.

After you have the dimensions of your UTV‘s and the extra equipment you are wanting to carry in the trailer then you can look at the proper size trailer to accommodate your toys.  If you are transporting just one or two side by side and a few extra items you could use a 7 ft. wide trailer.  If you are looking for more of a custom workshop with lots of extra room inside then you need to look at one of the 8 ½ wide trailers.

At American Hauler we manufacture different models and designs of steel framed and an all-aluminum frame trailers.  One of the 7 ft. wide steel models we build has a drop floor to lower the deck height so the overall height of the trailer isn’t so tall but add interior height.  The Night Hawk model is very popular with the tapered wedge nose on the front end.  We also build the Night Hawk model in the 8 ½ ft. wide width with the tapered wedge nose as well.

At American Hauler we can help you customize your trailer with a lot of options to make it a custom workshop on wheels.  We can add a work bench with an overhead cabinet so you will have a place to work. You can add a full height wardrobe so you will have a place to hang your riding gear along with shelf for your helmet and room for cleaning equipment. You may want to add a 110v lighting package and receipts along with a roof air conditioner now it becomes a nice place to work on your ride out in the field or at the sand dunes.

Another important thing you will need to have in the trailer is a way to tie down your UTV so it is secure when you are transporting it down the road. You can add heavy duty 5000 lb. D–rings in the floor or another nice option are the strips of E – track this has multiple attachment points about every 3 inches. You can place the E–track from the front to the rear of the trailer so you will have lots of tie down options. Some of our customers also add the E-track to the sidewalls so they can secure items like a cooler, folding chair, welding equipment or even hold an air compressor in place.

Hauling your UTV to the dunes or trails in an enclosed trailer offers security, a portable workshop and clean ride when you arrive at your destination so you can focus on the ride.


VALUE; is the most important factor when shopping for a trailer. As a consumer it is up to you to make an educated choice. Believe me I know how tempting it is to be lured by low priced products. But ultimately you need to decide which trailer fits your needs and offers you the best VALUE.

I remember buying my middle son a bicycle for Christmas one year. I saw the price of the bike and it was too good to pass. It came in a box and I waited until Christmas Eve to assemble the bicycle. As I assembled it, the wheel bearings were missing on one side, the front forks did not fit correctly into the steering head, and basically it was a pile of junk. You can imagine that Christmas with a very disappointed eight year old. The day after Christmas we went shopping for a good quality bicycle. We chose the one we felt had the best VALUE. It was not the most expensive bike nor the cheapest but after a thorough inspection it was well built and had VALUE. The bike cost almost twice as much as the cheap bike.

He enjoyed that bike many years. It sat in my barn many years after he outgrew it. A few years ago I was out in my barn and the neighbor kids were out playing. There are six kids in that family and only three bikes to share. I gave them my son’s bike. The neighbor kids have enjoyed that bike the last two summers. My son is now twenty eight years old. That old bicycle is twenty years old and going strong. It has tremendous VALUE.

At American Hauler our goal is to build VALUE into every trailer. Our purchasing department works hard to buy the highest quality components for American Hauler trailers. Many times our components are more expensive that other brands but there is quality and thus VALUE in their product. The American Hauler Night Hawk, Silver Hawk, All Sport, and Falcon models are undercoated with an automotive grade undercoating and we apply spray on bed liner material as standard features. All models now feature L.E.D. exterior lights, ¾” “DRYMAX” flooring (see link- Again these are higher quality products which offer VALUE and dependability.  Compare the fit and finish of the American Hauler to other brands. We use quality components to ensure a quality trailer that offers you VALUE.

VALUE is evident in your American Hauler trailer when you can look back at years of hassle free service. Make the educated choice and choose the VALUE of the American Hauler.


American Hauler has a new Website.

Welcome to the new American Hauler Website. Thank you for stopping by to visit our new site to see our existing and new products and information regarding our trailers. Over time we will be adding to and changing the site so that it evolves, just as our trailers do. New pictures, product and information will be posted as we go, so be sure to stop back often to be sure you don’t miss out on the latest and greatest. We look forward to sharing our new web page with our dealers and customers to promote our trailers to the home owners, weekend enthusiasts, snow/ATV, car enthusiasts, construction crews, landscapers and many more.